14/26 Simplified 

14/26 Simplified 

14/26 Simplified 

We will discuss how we can simplify the 14/26 easily. So let’s start with some basics of Simplifying the Divisions.


14/26 in Lowest Terms

There are some ways for simplification of these fractions. In reality, Some rules and regulations are really important to know about the Simplify.

What is Fraction?

Its the representation of the numbers like numerator over the denominator. The fraction is one of the techniques of representing the Numbers. 

How can we represent the Numbers?

There are two ways of viewing the Numbers

  • Fractions 
  • Decimals 

Types of Fractions 

There can be many more types of the Fraction but I think there are the three main types of the Fractions of the Fractions which are following 

Proper fraction

Improper fraction

Mixed fraction

14/26 Simplified how to simplify fractions?

Now we will solve the real Problem, So we have to simplify the term 14 over 26 . 

So first of all we have to see the Methods of Solving this problem. 

Methods for 14/26 Simplified

There are two main methods which are below :



We have to find the common number on which both numbers (Numerator and denominator) can be divided.

Let’s Suppose 2 is the word

= (14/2) /(26/2)

So by this method we can easily solve the problem 

The Answer will be:


The next and popular Method is following 

Prime Factorization 

So first of all we have to write factors of the given term, Like in Numerator is the 14 so 14 can be written as 7 multiplied by 2 so that’s the Factorization so as the 26 can be written as 13 multiplied by 2 . So these are the prime Factors. 

= (2 x 7)/ (2 x 13)

SO 2 will be cut by 2(that’s rule of PFM , same numbers will be cut) so the answer is the 7/13 

Method of Factorization Formula:

To factorize many, the factorization formula is utilized. Factorization is the procedure from breaking an entity into some product of another entity. The factorization method reduces any algebraic or quadratic equation into its simpler form, where the equations are represented as the solution of factors. The factors from an equation can be a great integer, a variable, or a great algebraic expression. Let us get out more about the factorization formula in the following portions.

Definition of the Factorization:

Factorization may be the wearing down several into smaller numbers that whenever increased together yield the initial multitude. These numbers are divided into factors and divisors.

How can we solve a Fraction?

For Solution of the Fractions some things are really important like Multiplication and Division. These methods of Mathematics are really important. We can check this example 12/24 can be written as 6/12 and also as 3/6 and so on ½. So these are some extra basics, we should know about that. Fractions can be so easy if we understand them wisely. I hope this paragraph is understandable. Denominators and Numerators are also really important.



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