Here Is The History Of The Internet:

Here Is The History Of The Internet:

Here Is The History Of The Internet:

The Internet is created in the 1960s that is by the government to research anything that doesn’t found anywhere. In this age, the internet is very important to find solutions to our problems. 

1-January-1983 is known as the official production internet. Preceding this, different networks could not communicate with different servers or people but when the internet is found correctly it allows us to communicate widely.

Because on this date the internet production company will find the two addresses that are TCP/IP. TCP is transmission control protocol and the IP is internet protocol. In this age internet allows many servers or people to connect with themselves.

If the internet is gone then the scope of the internet is also decreased day by day. Because the internet and computer are perfectly combined. Without the internet computer is nothing and without the computer internet is nothing. 

Most people will use the internet and surf their time on the internet. Because of the people will free from their work and after that, it will spend the time on surfing this. IP is the internet protocol that is provided to all computers or electronic devices.


Data communication:

Communication is the type of speaking that is held between two or more people. And data communication is the same as this exchanging of data through wire or radio waves called data communication.

This communication is started by using the internet. Without this, we will not be able to communicate with other people. And we also do not exchange data between them. Data communication is very important in this age. Also, the security of this data is very important.

Firstly the data that we will be sending will go to the server then this server will send this data to other people through internet protocols. So that’s why internet protocol is important to communicate between them. Without IP our data will be lost and the people can able to access this data.


In the early computers, they will use a central processing unit called (CPU) and also use the user terminal. But in the age of 1950s, they enhanced the features of the computer to communicate with each other at longer distances and higher speeds than the mainframe computer system. This system will allow us to exchange data through remote computers this is a long process.

These computers were made point to point and many peoples were not allowed to use this computer. These computers are used by militaries to communicate with each other when a case appears that are broken links. But these computers have also vulnerability means that anyone that knows about these features will access their personal information.

Origins of the Internet:

 In the age of 1967 someone represents the theory of the internet which will be called ARPANET and they will quickly put this theory in their work to derive this theory all over the world which will help people to communicate with each through worldwide.

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In 1968 after the theory of Robert and DARPA were funded they will be able to apply this theory in their work. This theory is to facilitate the people to communication between people to make it easy. So they will work to make computers that depend upon internet protocols that help people to communicate with each other. And also find the solution to any problem by surfing the internet.

What is TCP/IP?

Firstly we will cover the topic of TCP which is a transmission control protocol. TCP model will help you to know how the people will be connected through the servers and it will also allow us to communicate with other people through a larger distance.

It allows you to create a virtual network when multiple networks are connected which will help you to make your data is secured and no one can access this data without your permission.

It will transmitted the data between its clients and server. We will send any data to the receiver through the server and client processes. In this protocol, we will send our data to the server that is secured when the server access this data completely then it will send the access of this data to the receiver. That is a very secure process and also it is a very fast process it will take Nanoseconds to transfer this data all over the world.

The alternative to this transmission control protocol is UDP. Because the TCP protocol is very expensive then the developers will need to develop a protocol that is cheaper than this protocol. UDP also decreases the transfer time of the data that are sent all over the world it will also be more secure than the transmission control protocol.

Internet Protocol:

IP is the next-level protocol that is cheaper than transmission control protocol and UDP. This protocol is used in this age that will allows us to communicate with people and exchange data by connecting to the internet.

Every device has a unique IP address that will be not the same. And this IP will be very secure than other protocols that are used at the earliest age. An IP address is very important for all devices to use the internet all over the world. When IP was developed it will spread widely very speedily. 

We will need to connect with our router after connecting with the router we will send the data to the server then the server will send this data to the receiver and the receiver can access this data without any security.

There is no vulnerability in this IP. It will developed very securely no one can change their device’s IP without using the VPN. If we will change the IP through a VPN and the worker of the internet will detect this then it will ban our IP then we will not be able to use the internet all over the world.

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