How Can We Earn Money From a website? 

How Can We Earn Money From a website? 

How can we earn from a website? 

In this article, we are going to study how you can earn money from the website. So first of all I want to explain the structure of the article. There are so many methods of earning from a website. If you are looking for making a blog and want to earn from a website, so this article can help you very much. So let’s start with some basics of the list. The first method of earning with a blog is 

Earn Money from GOOGLE ADSENSE 

Google Ad-sense is one of the best methods in the world for earning from websites. I am going to explain how to use it and how to earn from it. Google ads are a company that helps in advertising. There are two main things in the Google ad sense. The first one is the Advertisers and Publishers which got help from Google Ads. Advertisers and publishers got the benefit from the Ads, now we are going to discuss how Advertisers work and Publishers get progress from the ads the Google. 


In reality, the main work of Google Ad-sense is to provide traffic to products and sites of Advertisers. Advertisers pay for ads on the sites in exchange for visitors and views on their sites and products. In reality, the new sites get benefits from Google AdSense.

Earn Money as a Publishers 

The main topic of this article is really a Publisher on Google Ad-sense. If you have a site and you got some good visitors and subscribers. If you are trying to write some special and real content on your site so you should apply on Google ad sense. First of all, you have to know some basics before applying to Google ad sense.

Learn More About Tech

The first and most important thing before applying on google is High-Quality Content. If you are posting some good content on your site so that can be a golden point for your site for approval on Google Ads. The next important thing is Structure of the site should be good like privacy policy and terms of conditions should be in the upper menu. If you are writing on some high CPC keywords on the site then you can achieve high progress by Ads. 

Guest Posting Services 

Here is one of the most popular ways of earning from a site. In this field, I am personally working for many years. Guest posting can be great for your site but there are some points you have to keep in mind. The first one is following 

How Guest Post works and what are the requirements?
So basically if you want to achieve success by selling guest posting Services on your site. First of all, you have to see how it works. In the industry, there are millions of people working on the Guest post. There are some things you need to achieve for your site. 

  1. The first one is the Semrush Traffic 
  2. The second one is the Domain Authority 
  3. The third point Is Page Authority 
  4. Fourth is Domain Rating
  5. Fifth is Alexa Rank

These parameters should be good like traffic should be high and DA, PA also higher than the fifty and the Domain rating isn’t popular so it’s ok . After increasing these things you have to share your sites on Social Platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc. Then you will have many orders, I hope you understood the concept of this topic.   

Earn Money by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a very good way of Monetization for your site. Affiliate Marketing can be the best and easiest way of earning but that’s not easy because Affiliate Marketing is one of the works that need a lot of effort.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

First of all, you have to make an account on Amazon, then you have to choose the niche which you like. The niche can be any but the one thing I want to discuss is the niches you should choose, there are a lot of sites that pay for Affiliate links. So it’s your choice what you want to achieve because there are a lot of programs about Affiliate Marketing. So you have to choose the product and insert the link of that product in your site’s post. When people buy from your link, you will get profit from that like Amazon pays a 33% commission. 

Ecommerce Site 

Ecommerce can be amazing for Great earnings. In this site, you can sell your products and can earn a lot of money.

You can make your own brand on your eCommerce site. A complete store that is online can be a great idea for great earnings. I think it’s the easiest work but there is one thing you should keep in mind you should need a lot of followers and visitors. So you can get help from Google Ad-sense.

By Providing Services and Courses 

You can make a site on which you can provide services and courses. But personally, this is one the most challenging work. Because you have to make a team of professionals. Let’s see how this site works, there is a site Kasamba that provides the services of the Astrology and Spirituality professions. There are so many people who need help online like if you want to know your horoscope chart so the kasamba can be the best for your problem. 

Conclusion Of Earn Money

In this article, I tried my best to provide information about how you can earn from the sites. There are thousands of techniques by which you can earn a lot but I mentioned the main ways. I personally want to say that Google Adsense can help you a lot if you want to earn a lot. I hope this article was good and best to read. Please leave a comment if I left anything important. 

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