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In this article we will study about the  law in the case of injury , its all  about the Personal injury lawyers in the Los Angeles. First of all we have to know about the some basics of the Law, Lawyer and Attorney. So lets start with the first heading of following 

What is the Personal Lawyer ?

Lawyer is the person who knows about the law , In simple words the Person who studied the Law. When anyone having a problem like Accidental injury or anything like that so we have to contact the lawyers which is the personal Lawyer. They are known as Personal Lawyer because they will help yours personally. So let see what is the exact definition of the Personal Lawyer “ Lawyer who is your personal Advisor of the law in every condition “ . So first of all we have to find a good person who can help in any condition like personal injury or many more .


How a Personal injury Case Files in Los Angeles ?

If you want to sue a small case against anyone , you have to find your lawyer for this process. In Los Angeles there are many rules while casing a file. So i hope you found the info about the Personal Injury Lawyer.

How Much is needed while casing a file Personal Injury in Los Angeles?

There is a law in the Los Angeles if you are on the right, You will receive a reward after winning the case. So what will be the fees of the Lawyer. It is not any exact fees of the lawyers because some lawyers fix their fees and some take percentage, But mostly found that Lawyers Take 33 percent of the reward. Lets suppose if you won the case you got the award of 100$ so there will be 33$ of your Personal Lawyer but I am again saying that’s not fix. That is just an estimation according to some sites. 

Is there any difference between lawyer and Attorney?

So if we wanna know about the lawyer and attorney , we have to see the definitions of both terms


If a person studied the Law , but didn’t pass the bar exam and also didn’t practice in the court is the lawyer. I hope this is enough to know about the lawyer. 


The person who studied and passed the law exams and also passed the bar exams, practiced in the court and also member of bar Association of state. Attorney seems more professional than the the lawyer and they are really very professional in their fields.

How to choose a Personal Lawyer?

For choosing your personal lawyer , you have to know some basics about choosing:

1.First point while choosing a Personal lawyer is the Experience. 

2.Second point is the Success rate of the the Lawyer. 

3.Third and best point is the Best Communicator like family.

4.Fourth and final is the Layer should be Professional about his career.

Los Angeles: Injury Cases Rate 

In los Angeles the rate of the people is certainly one person killed in every 24 hours. After studying we found that there more than 250 people died by the Accidental injuries. So we have to discuss about it in the Los Angeles. In another Analysis, it is known that about 50,000 ( can be more than that ) got Accidental injuries in the year of 2016.

Accidents per day in the Los Angeles 

Its about 160 accidents in the LA taking place every day, which are a lot . So please take care of yours and also of others. Keep in mind that one life can change the world. 

What is Accidental Injury Claim 

Accidental Injury is the claim which can be record if you are hurt by any one. Please read it again it can be filed if you are injured by anyone’s fault. I have to inform you that if you are casing a file without any reason you can get in very big trouble. There is one thing you should keep in mind Pardoning is the best thing.

Best Lawyer to choose in the los Angeles 

There is no exact data about the lawyers in the Los Angeles, but you can check online on the Google. You can check and consult if you need. So best Personal injury Lawyer can be found on different sites.


I tried to cover a lot of knowledge, I hope you got information about the law, Lawyers etc. I also hope this article may help you in your problem. In real there is no any information about the personal injury cases especially in the los Angeles. So that was all about the personal injury lawyers.

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