Start a Blog and Make Money

Start a Blog and Make Money

How you can start a blog and make money

In this article I have to tell you about the main point about the blog and word-press. If you want to learn these kinds of articles or made your mind informative then stay tuned with us. Some people start their career in a online marketing as well as they are working on it and make money by online method. They are called the freelancers such as they build their websites they provide the back links, SEO, complete trafficking on this website by the average of a month. These are including in the freelancing or these people called as freelancers.


There are two type of work on internet in the field of blogging.

There are as follows such as:

  •       Word press.
  •       Or many of these platforms in this field.

But we are discussed in this article only word press working as well as working.

 Word press:-

In word press there is lot of people work in the 21st century. People are starting their career as a freelancer that’s why they are starts their work on internet. Even they provide the back links as well as they provide the complete SEO so they are start their website working on it.

They make money through it as well as they provide the back-links to people. Also they make money through published articles which are written by others they also charged for it to published articles on their website. In the 21st century 455 million users at that time in 2021 the increment increases day by day in the working on it.

People also work on it as well as they work on fiver as a freelancers they provide to others persons their facilities such as they are writers, article publishers, content writers, etc. In the survey IT companies are sured about that the 80% PLUS people are worked on word press or make money through it. Most of people are making their websites on word press because the reason is. It is most saved platform for making or designing a website on it.

It is very safe platform or they provide their services as well as they provide full of 100% security to save your website from hackers or other harmful tools. Which are the cause to break or destroyed your website. In my opinion word press is the most ranked and most secured platform in which we are work on it. These are the most relevant to as a blogger works. But it is different from which the reason is because word press is not owned by Google.

Blogger is the most widely used platform to work on internet via website. Which owned by you it is most used in 2022 because this platform provide the free domain in the most demanded domain such as (.com).

Blogger is the most relevant to as work on word press such as they are provided by the Google approval on your domain. The average people are start their works on blogger every month in the range of 100 million across readers are attached with the website. is most useful website at that time is the reason that is owned by the Google as well.

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Blogger is the most easiest website to work on it because the reason is it is owned by the Google that’s why Google Adsense approved within an half time to compare with Word press website. That’s the reason word press weight for 14 days to answer by the Google to approve or rejected the Adsense. That’s the main reason now at time people are start their work on with the comparison in word press.

Because blogger much more secured website but not even with the comparative with the word press.  That’s why people also work on word press or as well as work on

Comparison in word-press or

Blogger provide the ads already when you will be apply your website on it or work on it. Blogger is the most useful website at that time because of it provides the instant reply from Google within in the 7 days or less than 7 days. The other thing is that blogger needs the maximum 500 to 600 words articles not even word press demand the 1000 or more than that.

The 3rd thing is the most important in blogger is that the total articles are for the approval in blogger is more than 40 articles. Blogger is the most easy to work on it by the comparison in the word press as well. In blogger people also work on it and make a lot of money through it more then 30,000$ dollars per month. By the comparison people make money through word press more than 10, 0000$ dollars per month.

People are making lot of money through both of thee platforms which are more reliable to work on it. 90% of the population in the 21st century work from home I think it’s the most largest and huge chance to take it and work on it and make money from home.


In this article we are learn about the word-press as well as the websites we are compare both of these. By their work by their working people through it. By people make money through it compare their platform as well as compare their monthly income per person work on it.

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