Web Copywriting Services: The Keys to Success

Web Copywriting Services: The Keys to Success


Google’s updates accentuate the obvious: on the Internet, success depends on the quality of content. Blog article, newsletter, category sheet, product description, about page, eBook, infographic, translation, etc. It’s a fact: a blog does not have the same needs as an e-commerce site. In addition, if valuable content can pay off, writing it is also time-consuming and requires a certain know-how. Versatile, master of optimization, the SEO web editor has more than one trick up his sleeve! So why not rely on the web writing services it offers?

Storytelling and copywriting to seduce the audience

Each page has its role to play. For some of them, web writing services are based on writing rules that have been proven and deserve specific know-how.

The about page, place for storytelling

Too often neglected, the about page does not just present the company, it is a story that arouses the curiosity of the reader. Through storytelling, it humanizes a brand, shows its values ​​and highlights its actions. This fixed page attracts the attention of the persona who shares the same aspirations and wants to take part. Whatever the product offered, the challenge for a good merchant is to seduce his customers, to highlight the added value that sets him apart. Positive and embellished with a few figures, rewarding photographs, the about page is a timeless view behind the scenes.


The newsletter to maintain the link

This rather special email must generate traffic. Sent to subscribers, it announces the latest news, reserved content and upcoming surprises. The tone will be personalized: the subscriber is part of a community; he must be pampered. Emails are a rather intrusive approach that we are all too fed up with. To increase the chances of opening the newsletter and the click-through rate, nothing should be left to chance. An impactful email subject, appropriate writing, a reminder to social networks and a well-planned sending ensure success.

SEO for e-commerce sites

An e-commerce site aims for qualitative content that sets it apart and generates a conversion tunnel to ensure sales. In order to gain the first places in the search results, several resources are to be put in place.

Category pages

Category pages are the basis of breadcrumbs. They present the different types of products or services offered. The general characteristics of a family of products are described there. Dividing a catalog into several categories makes navigation more fluid and helps to strengthen the power of a site. The content will be long enough to:


  • attract the attention of Google;
  • be optimized for keywords;
  • set up internal networking;
  • refer to other categories.

A good category page seduces the visitor, makes him want to go further and shows the product expertise of the site.

Quality product sheets

These sheets inform the potential customer of the particularities of each product and lead him to validate his purchase. They go straight to the point and command attention. Arousing the desire for an object is copywriting, which should not however exaggerate its virtues but give the impression that it meets the needs of the Internet user. Long content is therefore often unnecessary. The important thing lies in the precision and the tone used. For better cohesion, all the product sheets on a site will be calibrated on a prototype and an identical number of characters.

Blog posts for an active site

All sites need a blog. Many of them feature fixed pages. These may be perfectly written and optimized, but they alone cannot ensure success. Google hates sites that publish little, that seem dormant or even abandoned. The blog is the universal parade. Added as a section or page to a site, it will be the playground of all traffic-useful fantasies. A blog on which an SEO web editor publishes regularly makes it possible to retain Google’s attention by optimizing and using the general ecosystem (blog, sites, social networks, advertising campaigns, etc.). For this, the professional ghostwriting agency works to:

  • viral articles linked to social networks;
  • quality images with optimized titles;
  • the integration of a powerful internal link;
  • the use of the entire lexical field of your theme;
  • the use of relevant keywords.

Through blog posts, it is possible to address the intended audience:

  • the Internet user who inquires;
  • the visitor who has a problem, seeks a solution and compares;
  • the persona who has identified the problem and the solution, but who is still hesitating.

This type of content finally helps to demonstrate its expertise beyond what is displayed on the other pages of a site. If an e-commerce store offers yoga mats for sale, it will gain credibility, traffic and power by regularly publishing articles on yoga. The possibilities are practically endless and the bonus brought more than beneficial.

Corrections and reformulations for a clean and professional site

Do we want to look like a web beggar with hideous linguistic approximations? There are many web media stuffed with mistakes and turns of phrase so convoluted that you get lost before leaving them! A degraded use of the language displeases both the person seeking information and Google, whose updates tend to promote irreproachable sites. Similarly, a site stuffed with duplicate content and lacking optimization will inevitably be penalized.

There is no magic formula, only the use of a professional editor can save a site from linguistic debacle. He knows how to write, work on the lexical field of keywords, adapt to each client and his audience. He learned all the tricks that make writing for the web not an exercise like any other. It is a job that must take into account the requirements inherent in the very environment of the web and its users. If one of his main missions is to set up an effective SEO web, the web editor is first and foremost an author. He masters the language, sometimes several. He can therefore write new pages which, depending on the needs, will inform, amuse, seduce or transform into a sale. But it is just as capable of giving a clean and professional look to existing content:

  • correct syntax, spelling, grammar errors, erase typos;
  • rephrase poorly written and repetitive texts with an extended vocabulary;
  • rewrite content to eliminate duplicate content.

Its actions of corrections and reformulations maintain the integrity of the published texts while improving them.

The variety of web writing services

Web writing services extend beyond the most obvious strategies. The more we multiply the tactics for attracting the audience, the more we must adapt the editorial content and anticipate our own development.

The translation

Do you want to reach an audience beyond your borders? Happy idea, Internet is the international vector par excellence. But one should not blindly trust automated translation. An expert translation writer knows how to keep all the richness and stylistic interest of your content. Better still, his mastery of the linguistic and cultural codes specific to each country ensures that you avoid many pitfalls.

Transcription of podcasts and videos

Sources of SEO optimization and a varied user experience, podcasts and videos are very popular media. But, between noisy environment and absence of headphones, it is not always easy to take advantage of it. Transcriptions or subtitles are therefore essential. The qualified editor is responsible for taking up each word and providing a text version with adjusted formatting. Associated with the audio or video medium, the text builds audience loyalty and helps to increase it.

Writing for the web entrepreneurship

Companies and stars of web entrepreneurship are fond of these communication vectors or dedicated content. Which only win the expected triumph when drafted according to the rules of the art.

eBooks and white papers

This content builds audience loyalty, adds value to a site and generates revenue. Their themes echo that of the site or blog. If the white paper is intended for experts, the eBook readily applies to the general public with a popularized subject. But now, although a specialist in a field, transcribing this knowledge in a complete, technical or educational way takes time and requires ease of writing. A web editor can put into words the details of a training, a know-how.


A specific format, the infographic document is above all visual and is part of an effective communication strategy. Produced as a whole mixing graphic arts and texts, it is a popular viral marketing tool for institutions and companies. The writing of the texts must highlight the important information while validating the playful nature of the computer graphics. A good web editor will thus offer calibrated editorial content for each image.

Web writing services know no borders: they apply, bend to the expectations of each client. To give your site every chance, trust this internet writing artist, think of the talents of Web!


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