Which Ad Network Pays The Most?

Which ad network pays the most?

Ad network is the type of agencies that help us to rank our websites through ads and also monetize our website with the help of the monetize section of this ad network. The websites that are provided by us are given high CPM.

There are different high CPM ad networks.

  1. Adsense
  2. Media.net
  3. Adsterra
  4. Pop ads
  5. Ezoic


Google adsense is the best of the high CPM ad networks. That helps us to rank our website and also monetize our website and we will be able to generate passive income. This ad network is the best ad network that generates high CPC.

Adsense is made by google search engine. The domain authority of google adsense is 100. The only website that has 100 DA is google adsense. It will rank our website within a few days by using ads on our website.

We will simply create a Gmail account and login on google adsense from that account and add the domain of our website and also add the address information clearly. And after submitting that google bots will check our website and approve our website within 2 weeks.

If we will work properly on our website and make privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms and condition, Contact us, About us pages and also write unique articles on our website then 99% chances google adsense will approve our website.

Ad Network Media.net:

Media.net is the ad network that run our website ads to rank our website. That give us high CPC after google adsense. People who did not approve his/her website from google adsense will approve his/her website from media.net.

Media.net takes up to 24 hours to approve our website. It will check our website what the type of content we will upload in our website. If we write the articles copyright free then it will approve our website.

Media.net is also in connection with google adsense that generates the ads of our website. In this website we will add the Gmail account in this website and fill the form after filling the form we will submit the website for approval.

Ad Network Adsterra:

Adsterra is one of the fastest approval websites. That gives the approval for the website in 5 minutes. That is also a high CPM ad network. It is also ranked on our website through ads. It is a real way to earn money online.

You also need to register on this website. It will give us a form for filling some requirements needed to verify the account. After verifying the account we will add the website. This will take a few minutes. After approval we will set the ads on our website.

Ad Network Pop Ads:

Pop ads are the type of ads that are not shown in our website but when we click anywhere in our website then it will open the new window that is ads. This type of ads will distract people. If the people click on this type of ad the people will stop reading the article.

But these types of ads will also generate passive income for us. But mostly people prefer adsense media.net and adstera over the pop ads. People were removing these types of ads from his/her website because this type of ads doesn’t attract people.

After filling the monetization form we will apply to the website for taking approval and this website will also give very fast approval. It will give approval in 15 to 20 minutes, which is good for us.

But we will recommend that you do not use this type of ads in your website. People will not recommend our website because of the ads. Because people need a fast website if the website is slow that is not good for us.


Ezoic is also the best mobile ad network. But the process of this ad network is very difficult. It is also a high CPM ad network. That helps the people to generate passive income. Ezoic will also help us to rank our website through different types of ads.

It is also a good ad network for generating passive income. It will also be different from Pop ads. But the process to apply for a website for approval is very difficult. Because firstly we will see the videos that are on this website.

After seeing the videos we will go through different difficult processes. If a person doesn’t know about the name servers it will not be able to approve his website from ezoic.

How do ad networks work?

The people who need to know about how ad networks work. We will clear your questions in this article. Ad network with the process of sponsoring the people who need to run his/her ads on other social media accounts.

So these ad networks will help him. These ad networks take a payment from people to show ads on other social media. This is the age of social media so the people rank these websites or youtube channels through social media.


So we will not recommend you to show pop ads on your website but the other networks we will tell you about we will recommend to show these website ads on your website.

But we need to work hard to take approval from these websites. Because before they give us approval these ad networks will visit our website and check our website but our website is checked through robots not by humans.

So the robots will need 100% accuracy on our website. If our website is not 100% accurate these ad networks will not approve our website to show their ads.

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